Cover Photo for My New Walpack Poetry Book–Sneak Peek!

Abandoned Walpack Home, by Umesh Bhatt
Abandoned Walpack Home, by Umesh Bhatt

This hauntingly beautiful photo of an abandoned home near Van Campen’s Glen in the Walpack (NJ),  comes courtesy of photographer Umesh Bhatt.  Umesh is an amazing photographer who is graciously allowing me to use this shot on my upcoming poetry book, Walpack and Such–Poetry.  While the book’s release is still about a month away, I wanted to build/share the excitement by showing you the amazing photo that will grace the front cover! Thank you, Umesh!

For those of you who don’t know the story of the Walpack, it was an area of NJ that was slated to be razed by the Army Corps of Engineers back in the 1960’s to 1970’s for the Tock’s Island Reservoir Project.  Residents were forced to leave by the Federal Government.  When the project was halted by popular outcry, the residents were never allowed back.  The area is today part of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.   It is beautiful place and full of a very rich history.  There are many abandoned houses: each seems to tell a story.

I have been hobbled by a scary DVT clot in my calf as of late, but hopefully I am “back in the game”; sharing exciting work by talented people really makes me happy.  Umesh’s web site and other amazing photographs may be viewed here:





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