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My name is Kerri McCaffrey. I am a parent, a transgender teacher of 5th grade in a NJ public school, and poet. I love life, and want to share this love with others. Nature has helped heal me over the years I struggled with my gender. But, like a butterfly emerging from the darkness of the chrysalis, I have found air. While being a transgender teacher made it difficult to become "Kerri", I persevered, and am so glad I did. My poetry changed after my transition. Well, it changed so much that there aren't words. Okay, here are two attempts at words--more authentic.

Breaking New Jersey News NJ Poet Kerri Nicole McCaffrey Nominated for Pushcart Prize


…much gratitude to the editors of the literary journal The Westchester Review for nominating one of my poems for the coveted Pushcart Prize.  My poem will appear in an upcoming issue, but you can check out The Westchester Review’s  current issue by clicking on the link right here:  Their journal is also available on