I Am Transgender, And I Teach 5th Grade

I Am Transgender And I Teach 5th Grade

                              Pic Kerri Nicole McCaffrey

I am Kerri Nicole McCaffrey, and for the last 10 years, I have taught 5th grade. How are some states still having a debate as to whether people who are transgender can teach?  I am here to tell you the rug has been pulled out from their arguments.  That’s you, Texas.  That’s you, Catholic school in New York. That’s you who – allegedly- bullied transgender teacher Karis Anne Ross. Please read this article, and the next time a transgender teacher is told she shouldn’t be in the classroom–here is evidence that she should.

Thank you to all in the great town of Mendham, NJ, who worked to make my story possible!  I am just now sharing it–after 10 years. Enough transgender teachers have suffered…my prayer is that this story may help.

See my whole journey which is just below  (by Michael Izzo, Gannett, Daily Record).


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